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Stealthy Metal

Tanks can now cloak while playing brutal games of soccer in Metal Drift.

Metal Drift, the game in which players command a futuristic hover tank that plays ball, has just received a new video, as previously promised by developer Black Jacket Studios. This time around, the new gameplay clip demonstrates the ‘Stealth’ upgrade option for the game.

“Once activated,” explains Black Jacket, “the player’s tank becomes invisible to the other team, even on radar.” No surprises there, but opponents can also detect stealthed players by choosing the Sensor upgrade. “The other team can counter the Stealth upgrade by using the Sensor upgrade – it will detect cloaked players on radar, and they will become visible if within 200 meters or so.”

Perhaps taking a cue from Team Fortress 2, players also can’t shoot while stealthed and they must completely de-cloak before being able to fire. So what’s the damn use of it, then? Well, to actually make invisibility fun and slightly worthwhile, the developer hasn’t applied a timer to the Stealth upgrade. “They can remain cloaked indefinitely,” it makes perfectly clear.

Check below for the video to see how the arena-based tank shooter is coming along. It still looks like a blast, although somewhat lacking in audio this time around. Where’s the crazy, upbeat music?