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Upcoming MechWarrior: Living Legends sees modular weaponry.

If you miss titles like MechWarrior and the latest F.E.A.R. game barely touched the sides, chances are you’ll be rather interested in an upcoming total-conversion mod for Crysis. It’s called MechWarrior: Living Legends (MWLL) and the developer is making it into one very impressive BattleMech fest. Clearly putting a lot of work into making it a fully-fledged mech title, the team goes so far as to call it a simulator.

“[We’re] working hard on creating a MechWarrior experience that long-time fans of the franchise as well as curious newcomers will be able to have a great time with,” says mod developer Wandering Samurai Studios. “MWLL is, at its very core, a mix between first-person shooter and simulation,” it says, stunningly enough proceeding to label it as a massively multiplayer experience. “This will be achieved through the use of a mixed arms massively multiplayer gaming experience where the player takes part in a battle using a variety of vehicles and weapons”.

As you may have guessed, the team behind the mod consists of big fans of the BattleTech universe-based series, MechWarrior. As far as we can tell, they’re sticking pretty damn close to the various nuances of that series – and not just plot-wise, either, with constant references to very specific models of mechs as if they were common kitchen utensils.

“In the project we will be bringing some of the legends of MechWarrior back to life,” explains Wandering Samurai. As such, “MWLL depicts the epic struggles between the two factions of BattleTech – ‘The Clans’ and ‘The Inner Sphere’”.

The developer says it’s implementing sandbox concepts as pioneered by the Battlefield franchise where you “get to play what you want and how you want it.” It goes a step further, however, and is including a highly modular weapon system, featuring weapon mounts and other upgradeable options like ammo type, so as to fully customise your own BattleMech.

Today, it shows off a number of new screenshots, including the slow move to final, high-detail textures going into the models. What gets us excited, however, are the below gameplay demonstrations.

The release date for MechWarrior: Living Legends is presently unknown, as is whether it’ll be forced into a change of name.

Anonymous Gibbon

2009.04.25 08:16

Holy christ crispies and a bucket of milk, this looks HOT

Anonymous Gibbon

2009.05.29 23:16

Ya ave been waiting for this for a long time, this is going to be awesome when it comes out