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Blizzard Hitting WoW Pirates

News emerges that Blizzard is taking down private WoW servers.

Blizzard appears to be quietly taking down the assortment of ‘private servers’ running pirate copies of World of Warcraft. While no confirmation has been made, forums posts in several places indicate that many of the popular servers have disappeared from the internet.

According to a post found on the very recently set up website Vioku – apparently created for the community of private server AniWoW – the following happened:

Ok, so by now.. most of you should be probably aware of what’s going on..
But for those that don’t, I’ll make it simple.. “Blizzard Entertainment” have sent us a “copyright dmca notice” with a take down request, which needs to be done within 24/hours (btw 12 hours passed already). This isn’t a joke obviously, and to protect our asses we’ve decided to take the server down and cooperate with Blizzard on this request.. Is obviously that we don’t want to go jail for a game!

So here’s what we’re going to do (I won’t go into too much details): Our servers will remain closed until further notice, but is most likely that we’ll close our doors to World of Warcraft permanently.. This however, does not mean that is the end to our community and future ideas, after all.. our goal was to make Aniwow one of the best private servers by January.. remember that? Well, it might be an impossible task now that everything has turn down into us, but remember.. it’s never the end to something that received a lot of dedication (at least to my own personal rules), that being said.. there’s a second chapter coming up… no one never knows.

We’ll keep up to date with this as more news becomes available, but for now, it looks like Blizzard is dealing a significant blow to those who dwell on these servers.

Update: Looks like there are indeed take-downs happening, with many websites for private servers now down. One server, Chaos Crusade, has posted the following:

We regret to inform you that ChaosCrusade will be down until the issue with the received DMCA is cleared.
We cannot give a time/date or even an estimation at this present point in time but we will try to keep all of our users updated.

And then:

12/05/08: ChaosCrusade pending contact with the law firm Sonnenschein.
12/04/08: ChaosCrusade receives a photocopy of what appears to be a DMCA letter from the law firm Sonnenschein.

The threat at hand is debated as a possible hoax due to the DMCA lacking vital information to actually make it a formal DMCA notice.

The letter is missing:
a) A statement made under penalty of perjury.
b) Subpoena. Lacking subpoena violates SoftLayer’s privacy policy.

Sonnenschein is the law firm that represented Blizzard during the high profile case against those responsible for bNetd, the server software that enabled people to play Blizzard’s previous games online without using the official server system.

Update 2: It looks like the DMCA action has been confirmed with this update from ChaosCrusade:

12/05/08: DMCA notice passed as authentic. ChaosCrusade’s future will be discussed over the next few days. All realms will remain offline.

There’s a good list of statements from various private server sites on the MMOwned forums.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 02:32

i dont like this what you BLIZZARD are doing it is the WORLD CRISES no one will playing in original servers please turn on all private servers please!!!

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.11 07:59

Blizzard is pissing more people off then anything… I was about to play retail wow until they closed my favorite servers down! Fuck you Blizzard. peace


2008.12.11 08:11

Sure you were tightarse…

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.12 08:42

If you were playing privates servers for free, whats making Blizzard so sure your going to "pay" them when you had a "Favorite" private server. Your statement is not only a dumb thing to say, but in court it wouldn't last you too long. Learn to think over your arguments before you spit out the words and type them out. Remember: The public sees your stupidity.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.29 13:45

stfu you noob you fail sooo bad, private servers are fun im sorry you have no life and raid every day so you take it out on people playing private servers, if your playing Real WOW why give a raats ass about us so you know what, fuck you BLizzard and i hope you find some major dick cause warhammer is owning your ass, sorry but its the hard cold truth you fuckn fail so u take it out on private servers honostly grow the fuck up.


2008.12.30 15:32

Swearing and homophobic laden rants are really mature as well I hear.

Anonymous Gibbon

2009.12.26 03:02

LMAO, warhammer owning WoW's ass..? AEHUAEHAEUHAEUAEHUAEHAEUAEUAEHAEHU fucktard.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.11 08:58

One funny thing, some of you guys keep saying that it's Blizzard right to cut private server and that they spent years in dev for the game. Have you forgot that Blizz is furnishing World of Warcraft + Burning Crusade + WOTLK for free on there website? You just can't use them if you don't play on Blizz servers. Still they give out the material for free. So Blizz doesnt give a shit about the Program of WoW and expansions. They make there money out of people that pay monthly (retail player). So i found this cheap from them. They prevented about what 5 to 10 000 people from playing free? They have billions of players paying for the service so this was simply just cheap from them. Blizz is not about to go bankrupt and they will not gain anymore money from this. So they suck bad and it was just to piss people off that they did this! Blizzard : You are wankers, you suck bad and i can assure you that you will never see me again on your damn "retail" server.

Anonymous Gibbon

2009.03.19 09:15

BOOOOOOOOOO….. sorry for caps but i dont know what blizz is getting out of this but i used to play on TOXIC-WOW the best private server ever and blizz just c=shuts it down.WELL BLIZZ BYE YOU WONT BE SEEING ME OR MY FRIENDS ON RETAIL SOONER OR LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sorry things just need to be said


2009.03.19 12:32


What? They have never had you as a customer; why are you saying goodbye?

YOU WONT BE SEEING ME OR MY FRIENDS ON RETAIL SOONER OR LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blizzard are crying tears of joy at this statement, as they won't need to adjust their chat-spam filter to accomodate that quantity of repeated question marks.

Anonymous Gibbon

2009.04.19 09:11

exclamation marks, stupid!

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 02:33

here is my Messenger add me and write me please if you turn on the servers

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 04:21

I say, turn back on the Privates Servers please !

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 04:26

  1. blizzard is a money making parasite & wont stop if they can earn more money
  2. they had to pay extra for those special owner rights, so they wont stop
  3. blizzard knows that alot of people dont want to spend 90$ for the game +2 expansions (+10$ each month) so they discourage the free versions (by closing some of them) what do i need to say more …

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 09:18

totaly true

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 09:19

totaly true

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 16:59

sigh blizz sigh you still getting money off the expansions and off the apparent 1 billion plus players i only paid for retail wow to play with friends and i find it SHIT <–(censored) blizz i think ill go back to offline games where i pay $10-$20 unlimited play go suck on it blizz im going to the classics like age of empires

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.07 20:31

First of all, thank you New Enthusiast for allowing people to post anonymously without having to sign up.

Second, I totally agree without what everyone is saying. Blizzard IS shooting themselves in the foot. They make multiple MILLIONS every month from the probably hundreds of thousands of retail players. In FACT, a very large number of the people I've met on private servers also have retail accounts that they subscribe to. What Blizzard is going to get is a BUNCH of pissed off customers who are going to boycott their games and services in favor of offline games.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.07 20:33

In the long run Blizzard will end up losing a LOT more money than they think they'll be making by shutting down private servers. BLIZZARD GET YOU'RE DELUSIONAL HEADS OUT OF YOUR GREEDY ASSES!! Sorry for the caps. Some things need to stand out.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.09 07:50

Caps doesn't stand out much in this huge shitstorm

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.09 07:03

A lot of people earn their money by working for blizzard, with your logic all people that try to earn money are evil parasites

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 05:24

there are more than 11million players on retail wow, and they stop just about 8,000 people from playing…hold on, what?

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 13:27

players no… accounts >.>

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 05:42

"there are more than 11million players on retail wow, and they stop just about 8,000 people from playing…hold on, what?" - QFT

Agree totally on this matter. But even though they stop these "8,000 people" ,or even less, from playing these servers, Blizzard will not benefit from this at all. These 8,000 people will spread the word amongst their friends of what Blizzard has done making them turn around Blizzard also.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.16 12:51

Not really, im sorry but the people running these private server are making money …some even live on it if i made a game and people would steal it from me…id sue them too

Anonymous Gibbon

2009.04.19 09:09

yea but if u keep high prices u wouldnt get ppl to play your game anyway so a midd solution has to be found

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 06:13

I like how blizzard's greed is shooting themselves in the foot.

I for one will never pay for a blizzard game again.


Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.07 01:25

Isn't the point that you aren't paying for a blizzard game currently? So they're not losing anything on this threat?

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 06:29

Friends dudes would u let someone does something for free if he can pay to you to do it??? I don't think that u would so have understanding and it is logical that the owners of private servers don't wanna end up in prison just so u could play WOW. I personally will never pay for a game more than the CD/DVD costs and I played wow on the best private server ToxicWow but its not the end of the world its just a game!

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 07:56

Ok, i guess we all understand the owners of the private servers. Shuttig down is the only option so far - next time maybe moving ownership of those domains to china or north korea… But I will never ever play retail again. I did before, it was grinding boring pain. Only the private servers gave me FUN to play this game.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.16 19:21

did u play on low rate>

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 06:53

cmon, how many money can blizzard get from that? they have over 10 mil ppl playing retail atm, and what they get? 10k, 20k + ppl ? pff, get real, thats so stupid.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 06:56

Everyone is obviously against the closing down of the private servers, simply because we do not want to pay. I, for example, am a player of a private server, at level 69. As much as I do not want my server to be shut down, just before I can start enjoying as a 70, I do understand Blizzard's reasons for doing so. As mentioned earlier, 11 million people are playing on retail wow, while there are approx. 8000 people on privates, it would not be fair for that 11 million people to be paying every month, while the 8000 get to enjoy wow for free. What more, blizzard puts in much effort into creating and improving the game. Thus I feel that we should put ourselves in Blizzard's shoes and understand their actions. -Meng

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 16:19

wtf can you enjoy as 70 on a private server? Oh, thats right….NOTHING

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.12 04:16

I Kinda agree with meng, The game belong's to Blizzard - they have as much right to stop people playing it on private servers as you have to stop people stealing things from your home. Stop flaming and thing about who owns the game - Fergster

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.12 12:41

lol this is stupid, it's all about money and actually it's fair that people who use retail pay and the ones who use private don't pay, did you ever notice the difference between retail and private? oh right maybe you didn't because you were busy being on Blizzard's shoes, which by the way stink. You pay on retail because it's obviously better, you don't pay on private because it's full of bugs and you cannot do the same than the real one, considering the inoffensive number of 8k of the users playing private, then what are you saying about being fair? - Carlos

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 07:27

One thing I have against what you are saying 'Meng' is that Private servers are buggy, there is a reason why they are free, do you want a unbugged version to play and pay for it? (With some of the millions blizzard makes a month they use to make there private server bug free, plus they have about 1,000 developers? I don't know, but way more then privates servers, most of them have one or two developers, who are most likely only college students or etc. who have expierence in the field…) or play for free and have bugs. Its a chance taker on Private Servers, you could possible get hacked on private servers where as on retail you won't. I was a faithful member of Ani-wow, in my opinion one of the best private servers there was. By no legal right is this fair seeing as the donations are not going into the pockets of the admins of these servers but used to pay monthly bandwidth so all the players can play. And not only this but many of Blizzards ToS rules have flaws, which make them obsolete when it comes to private servers…

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 08:33

Yay an Ani-WoW player, and yes one of the best private servers around. And I agree, the donation money isnt going into pockets of greedy fuck heads like Blizz it going into making things better for the server, and Blizz cant seriously think they will gain from this, I for one am prolly gonna to give up retail and stop buying Blizz games if they feel like ruining other peoples fun even if it is buggy fun. I want my bugs back >.<

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 07:53



Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 08:00

Again, the 11 million ppls pay for a stable server etc. Us as private server gamers, we had to suffer huge DCs, lag spikes, lost items, accounts etc. Thus it is not fair to compare apple with bananas. It can not be, that these 8000 ppl are angering blizz that much from a money standpoint. These 8000 had all their very own reasons for NOT playing retail. Either boring gameplay, cost too high etc. These 8000 will, exactly for those reasons, NOT go to retail !!

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 08:31

WoW is Blizzards product and they can whatever they want with it. If they want to be floating in money that's their right to do so. It doesn't mean that you can steal their work from them and not pay for it.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 08:40

dude this is bull ovousily this is just the owner of Aniwow saying he doesnt want to run it no more. if blizzard really was taking down the 1000+ p servers we'd know WAY MORE about it.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 09:12

You sir are a moron. Toxic wow is down, Fusion is down, Aniwow is down, most of the top 100, top 20 severs are down. We know WAY more about this. l2read

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.09 09:45

Yes Even Scape is down its true game over man GAME OVER!

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 08:52

For one it is not illegal, that is actually one of the loop-poles in Blizzard's ToS It says that no one is allowed to modify or change the gameplay of World of warcraft, but is it not when someone modifies a game that it is no longer there problem? (Exp. you buy a dell laptop, once you go into it and play with the computers system, EI. Its Mechanics, if you mess up and break the laptop, you can not go to Dell asking for a new one)

And no this isn't bull, and it is not only Ani-wow who is closing, alot of the leading private servers have been shut down, two being ChaosWoW and ToxicWoW

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.12 04:20

If the work of the game belongs to them and there ToS says that you can't change it then even if they have no power once you have changed it, you have still changed it - which is against ToS - therefore they can still prosecute. Also if you ever learn anything about law you will learn that Blizard arn't pressing charges under there ToS but under copyright law - which has nothing to do with ToS. - Fergster

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 08:54

I'm a fidel member of ChaosCrusade WoW Server, and I don't understand why they closed the servers…If it's because of the "donations", Owners of the privates servers will cancel them and now Blizzard, juste re-open privates servers…^^

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 09:14

Its more than 8k as u say…and btw i dont like this,but its blizzards game they made it,not ani-wow,wowscape,vcn so blizz did right thing for them

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 09:14

Anyone have a copy of this pledged DMCA letter?

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 09:38 heres a copy


2008.12.06 09:42

This is against Blizzard's policy and against the terms of agreement.

Those who think this is greed, think again.

These are the rules, private servers go against the rules, and the rules will be uphold. Else we might as well remove rules from every games in the world, for example Football and let them just tackle eachother and kick eachother for the ball.


2008.12.06 16:24

That is a stupid example :D

I shall do a better job!

Basically, Blizzard invented the FOOTBALL but we can only play on their fields and not on our backyard bcos it's illegalz, oh ya and we gotta pay a monthly fee to play this FOOTBALL game, oh ya and we gotta run in slow motion too or then it's bann haxor! my metaphor is less stupid, cya.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 18:24

Nice one

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.10 05:29

hahahahah, good one here XD, what left… now we have to play football just only on the fields they want :P…. fuck Blizz, boycot :P

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.28 14:25

Yes. Because NO one pays money to go see profession football games. "we gotta run in slow motion too or then it's bann haxor!" That's called cheating. In football, it's call steroids.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.12 12:51

of course the rules. how did i forget the rules? so if there is a rule saying you must stick your head up your ass, you will follow it?

cuz i've just made that rule regarding your comment

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 09:48

god damn it… it's not enough for them that you pay for a game. they want to take all your money. creating a GREAT game just for rich guys. Thats the point.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.15 12:38

for fuk sake you people are dumb

Blizzard made the game spent years to make it top knotch and they dont expect some fukin cheapo pussys to be playing this fuking awsome game they designed for free wen a monthly cost is guys are just dumb shits the game is worth the money that you have to pay.

And also wen they spent so much effeort and money into making it they would be fuking pissed if some thousands of people find ways to play their game for free for fuk sake get a life

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.18 19:42

u dude are a stupid man, prolly u play retail… so maybe if u wolod stop stiking ure head into blizz mebers ass u woudl see the reality…. PRIVATE SERVERS ARE BUGGED yeah…. and if they are buged we paly fo free and we accept the bugs as they are, ofc retail is better… btu umm leme ask u somethin are u pissed that u cant donate for items like poeple on rpivate servers do? or are u angry taht u pay the mney ure dad gives u t go buy a pair of popsiccles… dude ifu have money do waht everu wana do bt dont come here and tell us what u said, and u go get a life, get laid, and stop wearing ure moma clothes


2008.12.19 07:30


Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 10:02

Yes, this poses a significant question of global proportions, people would normally do one action through society - using an empirical explanation. If they simply do it, because they can; then I can do a lot of more or less despicable things myself (notice "can" not will or should). If people enter such train-of-thought more noticeably, then a disoriented anarchy would be quite a plausible scenario.

Excluding it would be for economical reasons, could it be because they simply want their "creation" to stay in their hands? They did not create Wow from scratch, they simply implemented a number of variations to statically assign a definition to a course of happening.

Or in other words; if I create something so similar it only has one noticeable change to another thing, then it's not the same thing. Which means, there's a boundary at one place or another. That boundary is decided by and for people.

Hard work perhaps? Countless hours of work has been put in by 'private-server-developers' and their associates, not through money and middlemen, but their own personal effort. One can dispute whether one type of effort should be more valid - then the other naturally. But individuals tend to forget, that laws exist for and by people, compromises a posteriori instead of threats, might appeal to our common-ethics more sensibly. :3

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 10:24

they closed down burning-wow , wowscape, toxicwow , ani-wow and chaos crusade in just a few hours , by next friday they'll have most or 95% of the private servers disposed

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 10:30

They better keep their filthy ass-hands off The UNDERWORLD!!

[size=10]LONG LIVE THE UNDERWORLD!!!!![/size]

WE WILL BE REBORN FROM THE ASHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!explamation!point!!!1!!!1!!!!!

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.07 00:28

bliz are gready assholes

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.10 07:23

wowscape isnt down it just has another name

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 10:36

wy u talk liek dis? I no unnerstand wot u say

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 10:59

"We don’t want to go jail for a game!"

LOL pussies!!! In Korea, 7 people die everyday by playing too much(lack of food and sleep), in China people stab each other regularly over epics, and in Europe, players even shit in their pant so they won't lose gaming time(like Athene :D). America needs to L2P!!!

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 11:09

They closed down my second home! Toxic wow! retail is just for people with no lifes,(ive played retail yes and i am so happy that i quit!i will never ever again play retail neither buy any other game from Blizzard! Blizzard sucks now, i hope in time retail wow community will open their eyes and see what they are doing to their lifes! Blizzard i hope a nuclear bomb explodes on your HQ!

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.18 19:44

i hope all the staff at blizzard loses their balls hehe :P creppy anyway :D

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 11:16

On Retail No Have 11.000.000 Players, Have 11.000.000 Accounts Created, And They Ban Privates, Cuz Blizzard Company Want To Reach A 15.000.000 Accounts At 2010, And Start With South America Servers. One Thing Is True, They CANT Ban Private Servers 4EVER! Its Like Ban The Hemp. (Sorry, My English Is To Bad.)

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 12:57

well, wowscape isnt closed down yet. they're still 'hiding' i suppose you can say that.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 13:25

this is just like apple making it ok to put windows on a mac for free and it is ok. private servers is the same thing. Private servers help blizzard, in the fact that if all these ps players go to the retail game the servers will be more crowded then they already are. there will always be free servers no matter what blizz does. with the ability to make ur own server, there are some made everyday. blizz cant close servers down every second. anyway guess i have to find a smaller server that wont likely close down. good bye Toxic Wow. see you mid rate Crazyrabbits(guild name) it was fun.-plunder

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 13:40

well I guess I got started late on the whole free server thing…could not play wow anymore due to budget concerns and now guess I will be playing solitaire on the pc instead of wow…sucks that ani-wow and toxic got canned was enjoying them

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.18 19:46

yeah, i played on toxic wow too on low rate….its a shame it got closed, and it closed in th worst possible moment, i just made lvl 70 , and in the next 5 mins… server went down , and bye bye

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 15:02

This blows! I guess that the amount of players on the private servers has been expanding exponentially and the quality of the private servers has been improving massively as well. Blizzard feared this and shut us down.


2008.12.06 15:21

possibly the biggest list of lolfagz i've ever seen.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.08 08:19


You'd think all of these wowfags work for free themselves…

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.17 08:28

Biggest list of ignorant, misinformed and poor lolfaqz I have ever seen!

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 17:02

Blizzard you guys are sad…if u think by closing the private servers u are going to get more ppl to play ur server well guess what U ARE WRONG people LETS SHOW THEM THAT we are not GIVING UP Either I say all the people who played private servers DO NOT MOVE TO RETAIL(Original) SERVER and I will FIGHT till the private servers are back on!

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.18 19:50

ok i realy liek ure comnet, but u cant do shit:|… bet 30% of poeple who paly on reatail, where also playng on private server for one reason, to find out how other clases work, to get items taht they will never get in retail, so after closing private servers, well… i just guess that blizzard is gona lose arund 15%20% of their players…. and maybe more, i mean if blizzard woudl lose 1000-2000 people every month… they woudl end up on the streets begging for a dollar, and u woudl say " sry i spend it on ure games one year ago"

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 17:06

BLIZZARD IS A WASTE OF MONEY…. People keep making fun of private servers but there are even better private servers than retail and thats why blizzard closed them…$10 is not even close to much money but actually if any1 is breaking the copyright rulles should be u guys… "CHARGING" even though u are the makers of the game doesnt give u the right to charge ppl money for a "GAME".Games are supposed to be for fun and no1 should ever pay a monthly fee!

Anonymous Gibbon

2009.06.24 05:44

Blizzard is a waste of money? Most of the HALF decently populated supposed "FREE" servers you have to fucking donate to get special uuber items to be any good, screw that, I would rather pay $15 a month to play legitimate WoW with a healthier playerbase than to pay for some bullshit item to give me an advantage. Yeah, I wanted to play on private servers, but this donation crap ruined it for me.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 17:11


Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.09 07:26

That is pretty improbable

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.12 14:25

unless some african kamikaze used to play wow and is pissed off now. lol

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 17:31

lets see 10,000,000 x $15 a month = 15000000..they get $150,000,000 a month plus merchandise and stuff and they are bitching about losing $120,000 from us who play private servers if we wouldve played retail…its bullshit i know…o well im not playing retail those bitches dont deserve my money….kk im going to make a shout out to my guild if any of them read this Heat of the Rising Sun…..this is rockhardd.Toxic-wow FTW

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 18:00

150,000,000 a month /= net profit

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 18:37

For the fact that blizzard is making such a big deal on this matter, it will only inspire other players to join private servers due to their free cost and faster level gain. What blizzard is doing is just advertizing these servers causing more people to knowlage and use the services.

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 18:51

I can remember when Blizzard was nothing more than a crap stain on the shorts of the video game industry (anyone remember Blackthorne for the SNES?)and now that they made one game that has dominated the mmo market, they can put out all the gamers that don't want to settle for mediocre patches and expansions that they have to pay for. Blizzard once had a company that was into making quality product and not reducing their standards based on corporate influence…what happened to that? As stated above…money is what happened.

Now, I don't know the legalities of all these issues, but it seems to me that it should be a matter of accepting donations or not. Every private server I have played always has the option of accepting donations. This has never seemed right to me…even if it is "custom" content, you're still using borrowed code. Is this the way to get around using private servers?; To not ask for donations? You can download the game and the two expansions from the Blizzard site, but you just can't connect to their servers…seems like they are inviting people to make private servers. Can't really see where Blizzard is going with this whole lockdown, but who knows…~Xan~

Anonymous Gibbon

2008.12.06 19:03

…Also, just wanted to say that it seems pretty absurd that Blizzard can shut down servers based on a game that they took many and I mean MANY of their ideas from another game…look into the Warhammer lore, it's been around much longer than Blizzard or any of it's games have…hypocrites. ~Xan~