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Developer for MechWarrior: Living Legends reveals more.

The upcoming, total-conversion MechWarrior mod for Crysis is shaping up to be one very fine piece of work. Developer Wandering Samurai Studios is being meticulous with the details and intends to create a BattleMech experience that’s part first-person shooter and part simulation. Attention to detail aside, it continues to grow even more visually impressive as time goes on. Featuring modular weaponry through weapon mounts, choice in ammo types, and with the developer comparing its sandboxed gameplay with that of the Battlefield universe, it certainly goes further than the franchise on which it’s based.

Over the weekend, the developer updated its website with a mod progress report. It shows off a number of new in-game screenshots from play testing, as well as four versions of the Inner Sphere faction’s Bushwacker BattleMech. These are the “four variants of the Bushwacker you’ll be able to use in MWLL’s first release,” the developer explains. Although already in the game, Wandering Samurai says the model is yet to receive a more detailed texture.

The update also exhibits a number of new panoramas of a Solaris Arena map called Marshes. It’s unsurprisingly swampy in design and the developer says its creator has “spent a lot of time on the airfield which is more and more turning out to be the real hot combat zone in this foggy, steamy place.” You can check out shots of the other maps it’s working on, such as one in the snowy glaciers and another around an active volcano, through this poll in which pollsters are voting on the one they most anticipate.

As a fan-based project, I’d ordinarily be afraid that this mod might focus too heavily on various simulation nuances and other technical details of replicating the BattleTech universe. From the gameplay we’ve seen so far, however, I don’t think having fun will be an issue.


2009.05.07 09:14


Anonymous Gibbon

2009.05.09 22:12

I just had a hard on reading this, More mods should come for Crysis and I loved the early Mechwarrior games. _ _ _ ———| \ | ) _ __ __ |_ _/ 9 9 9 9


2009.05.11 16:00

Too much information! Maybe you need one of those 'special' USB devices, Nathan?

EnthusiasticianNathan Davis

2009.05.11 16:18

I dunno about those. Besides, apparently I'm dishing out enough saucy words as it is.


2009.05.11 20:14

Who invited him in here?

Also - Mechs. Yay!