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Fresh confabulation

LucasArts Opens The Vault
New Monkey Island games only the beginning of its nostalgia kick.
Down with Elves
Not being a fantasy game is becoming a major selling point for game developers.
Move Over OnLive
David Perry finally demonstrates his browser-based Gaikai game-streaming service.
What a Load
Thrilling demonstration shows what the latest truck sim has to offer.
Get a Real Job
Chinese government bans citizens from gold farming.
Leave the Horde Behind
Blizzard will allow World of Warcraft players to swap factions.
Warhammer Beheaded
Mythic founder Mark Jacobs confirms being fired as BioWare takes charge.
Internet Filter Could Censor Games
The ACMA may receive power to block adults from accessing online games.
id Software Sells Out
Doom creator bought by Bethesda parent company ZeniMax.
EA Retires Stick, Tries Carrot
Online functionality, not oppressive disc-based DRM is the way forward for EA.